Keys For Covid is a music project launched in May 2020 in Edmonton, Alberta. This project aims to raise donations and provide relief to Canadians most impacted by the

COVID-19 pandemic. All proceeds will go towards supporting Canadian food banks (with a focus in Alberta and Ontario).


Inspired by virtual music concerts like #CanadaTogether, Keys for Covid hopes to bring amateur artists & musicians together to create music, and make a positive impact. 




I grew up in Sherwood Park, Alberta & started learning piano at the age of 5. I obtained my ARCT performer's diploma and ran a piano studio for many years. Currently, I study law at the University of Toronto while piano teaching part-time at Upper Beaches Music Studio in Toronto, ON. 

Today, many Canadians face uncertainties with their jobs, school, travel, income, rent, food, etc., as a result of COVID-19. Many are also facing loss. 


Since quarantine began, I found myself spending a lot of time at my piano. I've always enjoyed composing music and creating piano covers to songs by my favourite artists, and I thought, what if I could use music to help? 

I started the Keys for Covid project hoping to use my music to bring musicians, artists, and listeners together, to raise donations for Canadian food banks.

In a world of social distancing and standing 6-feet apart, my goal for this project is to lend a hand to another Canadian through music. 


Together, let's make an impact. 

Hi, I'm Anna.

First, you can make a donation of any amount. Second, you can submit a song request for a piano/instrumental cover. Finally, I will create a piano/instrumental cover of your song for you.


These music covers will be posted on the KeysforCovid website, and Instagram page (@keysforcovid) for you to enjoy. 

You are also welcome to donate without submitting a song request! 

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